In 2009 Jim Mather the then MSP for Argyll and Bute offered to visit Tarbert to discuss community development. Tarbert and Skipness Community Trust took up this offer and arranged a public meeting which was well attended.  Jim took those present through a session of questions and discussion using a planning software application. The result did not propose solutions but revealed the concerns and desires of the community.

Almost in parallel the Trust were seeking guidance from Leader on the likely hood of funding for a number of projects and the advice indicated that funders were getting less willing to give grants to individual projects which did not form part of a bigger picture. The solution was a COMMUNITY PLAN.

A working group was formed with representatives of Tarbert Harbour Authority, Tarbert Enterprise Company, Tarbert and Skipness Community Council and the Trust. Some 18 local organisations contributed financially and grants were obtained from Leader and Awards for All 

Jura Consultants had already been working with THA in the village and with the funders approval were appointed to prepare a Community Plan base on a series of Aims set out by the working group. Public meetings were held, surveys completed and drafts discussed. The final draft was published with a period for consultation and comment after which it was amended where relevant and the Community Plan published.

Although the plan was based in Tarbert the Skipness community subsequently signed up to is aims and aspirations. 

The plan has been widely acknowledged as an excellent example and has formed the basis of the Trusts subsequent grant applications and our negotiations to invest in Srondoire and obtain community benefit from Freasdale.

In 2014 and in 2015 the Trust conducted public consultation and workshop days to discuss progress and update the action plan.